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50 Latest jQuery plugins you must checkout

Hundreds upon hundreds of new jQuery plugins are released every year. Some basic, offering simple functions, others can be complex offering far more functionalities. Either way, both types of plugins are always useful. Today, with this jQuery round-up, we will focus on both types and highlight 30 plugins that we feel have been the most useful and innovative from the last few months.

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20 Awesome Free PSD Web Templates

Web design has changed a significant amount over the past few years. With many new web trends and unique design approaches being introduced daily. It’s now even easier to get your hands on a professionally designed website for free. One of the highlights of this ever changing industry are all these free psd web templates. Web designers are handing out beautiful templates for free, just as an incentive to attract people to their websites.. Well, its working!

The beauty of free templates is that you are able to select your template, make minor design changes and you’re ready to start developing. You save yourself hours in design work and then focus all of your energy on the development of your website.

In fact, because of all the free resources online. You don’t even have to spend any time designing websites. Sure, it’s good practice to create unique designs, but there will come a time when you are too busy to handle all of your projects.

Having free PSD templates handy like these are going to cut out half of your work, and allow you to stay on top of your projects timelines. At the same time keeping your profit margin steady.

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